About Us

Our team is committed to improving the clinical information available to healthcare providers and patients in making informed decisions on the use of the right drug, at the right time, in the right patient, with the right effect – precision medicine.

Janssen Diagnostics was established in February 2012 within Janssen Pharmaceuticals R&D, bringing together personnel with diverse healthcare experiences, skills and knowledge across diagnostics, pharmaceuticals and health information technologies from the former Virco, Veridex and Companion Diagnostics Centre of Excellence. We are a global company, based in Beerse, Belgium and Raritan, New Jersey, United States, and employ around 135 professionals from R&D to commercial roles.

We believe healthcare today and tomorrow is about improving outcomes for patients via innovative technologies and effective collaborations that put the patient at the center, and deriving clinical insights from complex information to cure and intercept disease.

The strategy of Janssen Diagnostics is to innovate within precision medicine by developing and commercializing diagnostics and health IT that support treatment decisions in our five major therapeutic areas (infectious diseases and vaccines; oncology; neuroscience; cardiovascular and metabolism; and immunology).

Our focus is on both companion diagnostics that are linked to the use of a particular drug within its approved label; and complementary diagnostics, tests or information tools that support disease management. Our interest in health information tools supports real-world data access and insights to help better manage individual patients and/or cohorts of patients.

Recognizing the diversity and complexity of advancing personalized healthcare solutions, our business model is predominantly partnership driven to ensure wide access to our diagnostic solutions globally. Consequently, we continuously look for opportunities to discuss potential areas of common interest with researchers, academia and industry partners.

We look forward to collaborating with you as we strive towards our mutual goal of improving and prolonging patients’ lives.