Clinical Trial Testing

Rare Cell Enumeration and Single Marker Protein Expression

Molecular Characterization of Rare Cells

  • Profile kit enrichment
  • DNA & RNA extraction

Using the profile kits, CTCs and CECs are captured and presented in a volume of 900 microliters.

  • Cells are captured alive and can be maintained and potentially propagated under appropriate tissue culture conditions.
  • No fixation, staining or permeabilization is performed during capture.
  • The enriched sample contains ferrofluid and a few thousand leukocytes which were non-specifically retained during the enrichment procedure.
  • Samples should be processed as soon as possible to maximize nucleic acid integrity and recovery.
  • Blood samples may be stored or transported in EDTA tubes at room temperature for up to 36 hours prior to processing. Note, however, that immediate processing is preferred since a loss of mRNA from epithelial cells may result if processing is delayed.

Commercial kits can be used for separate isolates of RNA, miRNA, DNA and proteins. We recommend utilizing kits that are designed for small samples since CTC-enriched samples rarely contain more than 10,000 cells.