CMMC Assay

Menarini Silicon Biosystem’s new Circulating Multiple Myeloma Cell (CMMC) Assay captures and enumerates CMMCs from peripheral blood and provides a unique, non-invasive tool to study multiple myeloma and precursor disease states as well as monitor disease progression in clinical research studies.

Leveraging the gold-standard CELLSEARCH® technology, the CMMC Assay immuno-magnetically captures CD138+ plasma cells using anti-CD138 antibodies bound to ferrofluid nanoparticles. CMMCs are identified by CD38 staining, and other white blood cells are excluded using a CD19/CD45 staining cocktail.

Assay Reagent Function
Anti-CD138 Antibody Ferrofluid Plasma Cell Capture
Anti-CD38-PE Antibody Inclusion Marker for Plasma Cells
DAPI Nuclear Dye for Detection of All Cells
Anti-CD19/CD45-APC Antibody Cocktail Exclusion Marker for Non-PC Leukocytes

CMMC Phenotype: CD138+, CD38+ and CD45/19-
Multi Epitope & Monoclonal Anti-CD38 Antibodies: Reduces potential interference from CD38-targeted therapies


  • Non-invasive enumeration of Multiple Myeloma (MM) cells using a simple blood draw, as opposed to the standard of a painful bone marrow biopsy
  • Liquid biopsy assay with high specificity and sensitivity (100-fold increase compared to FACS)
  • Cells can be cryopreserved for downstream applications
  • Enables monitoring of MM precursor states (such as MGUS and Smoldering Myeloma) and Multiple Myeloma disease progression to investigate disease biology in clinical research studies


FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures. The performance characteristics and safety and effectiveness have not been established and are not cleared or approved by the FDA.