CellMag™ Products

From the makers of CELLSEARCH®, the gold standard in ferrofluid technology:

Introducing CellMag™, a new and easy method for enrichment and staining of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from blood

The CellMag™ product line has been designed to streamline the manual immuno-magnetic enrichment and staining of rare CTCs from blood using ferrofluid technology.

Based on the same technology offered by the gold standard CELLSEARCH® System, CellMag™ allows for standardization of sample preparation and enrichment of rare cells with a cost-effective and simple protocol for all liquid biopsy labs.

Enriched, stained target cells can be used for a variety of downstream applications such as flow cytometry, fluorescent microscopy, PCR, and single-cell sorting with the DEPArray™ platform.

CellMag™ is intended for Research Use Only (RUO) and is not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Enrichment and Staining in One Easy Protocol

  • CellMag™ sample processing starts from 7.5 ml of whole blood collected in CellSave Preservative Tubes
  • The positive selection of enriched cells is performed by capturing cells through ferrofluids labeled with specific antibodies
  • Finally, the staining procedure delivers cells that are ready for downstream application, including enumeration, isolation and downstream analysis

CellMag™ Product Line Configuration

The CellMag™ product line is composed of a reagent kit, a magnetic tool, and a set of consumables.


CellMag™ Epithelial CTC Kit: For the immunomagnetic enrichment and staining of circulating epithelial cells in peripheral blood

Cells are captured using anti-EpCAM antibodies bound to ferrofluid. Fluorescent staining reagents are then added for identification of circulating epithelial cells: Anti-CK-PE, specific for the intracellular protein cytokeratin (epithelial cells), DAPI stains the cell nucleus, and anti-CD45-APC identifies leukocytes.


CellMag™ Tool: A magnetic tool designed to be used with the CellMag™ Kit


CellMag™ Consumables: Includes silicon hoses, cannulas, cannula guides and a manual aspiration device to assist with the reagent removal steps described in the operating protocol

Advantages of CellMag™

CellMag™ allows all liquid biopsy labs to perform highly specific and standardized cell enrichment and staining using a patented, semi-automated aspiration tool. Cell enrichment obtained with CellMag™ technology is comparable to that obtained with the CELLSEARCH® System, the gold standard among CTC researchers.

  • Gold standard CTC enrichment
  • Best-in-class controlled ferrofluid aggregation
  • Enrichment and staining in one protocol - no additional steps required
  • Semi-automated aspiration tool - reduced operator variability
  • Start from whole blood - no need for additional preparation steps