CELLSEARCH® System Components

CellSave Preservative Tubes

CellSave Preservative Tubes provide an optimized cell preservative that:

  • Stabilizes circulating tumor cells (CTCs) for up to 96 hours at ambient temperature, which allows shipment of samples from remote locations for analysis
  • Improves the reproducibility and reliability of CTC analysis
  • Designed for use with standard phlebotomy supplies for venous blood collection
Product Code: 
952820 (20) / 7900005 (100)
Tests Per Kit: 
  • Enables automated and standardized complex sample processing
  • Uses immunomagnetic cell capture and fluorescence staining of rare cells
  • Developed to capture rare cells efficiently and reproducibly

Cellular Analysis

  • At the end of the process, the cells are permeabilized and stained with fluorescent reagents, then dispensed into the cartridge, ready for scanning

Molecular Research

  • Intact cells and fragments are enriched, but cells are not permeabilized or stained
  • Samples can be processed offline using a variety of molecular diagnostic tools

Magnetic labeling and cell staining with the CELLTRACKS® AUTOPREP® System

  • Ferrofluid reagents are target-specific antibodies conjugated to nanomagnetic particles to isolate rare cells from whole blood
  • The ferrofluid/sample mixture is placed in a strong magnetic field, which causes the immunomagnetically labeled target cells to move to the side of the tube
  • The CELLTRACKS® System aspirates the blood and resuspends the cells in a smaller volume of buffer
  • The enrichment steps are repeated several times
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MAGNEST Cartridge Holder
  • Captured and stained cells are dispensed into the sample cartridge which sits inside a MAGNEST Cartridge Holder.
  • Captured target cells migrate to the analytical surface of the cartridge due to the magnetic field of the MAGNEST Cartridge Holder.

The CELLTRACKS ANALYZER ll® is a semi-automated system based on fluorescence optics used to count and characterize rare cells that have been immunomagnetically selected, such as circulating epithelial and endothelial cell subsets (CEC subsets). The system’s high-performance features include:

  • A user-friendly Linux-based interface with simple on-screen commands, intuitive folders, and uniform tables with sorting and exporting functions
  • Rapid analysis of each cartridge in approximately 10 minutes
  • Automated scanning procedure
  • Background auto-analyze function to streamline workflow
  • Quality control data sorting
  • Presentation of candidate fluorescent images of circulating epithelial cells and CECs in gallery format for final classification by the user
  • Reporting and long-term archiving of multiple sample image galleries on DVD

The CELLTRACKS ANALYZER ll® System is a specially configured fluorescence analyzer that semi-automates circulating epithelial cells and CEC analysis.

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